Monday, March 19th 2018

Sense over Sectarianism Cross Curricular Education

For the past 4 years, Sense over Sectarianism have supported Whitehill Secondary in the delivery of the play “Scarfed for Life” to the S2 cohort.

The text and relevant resources were designed as a next stage intervention from the highly popular “Divided City” resource, delivered mainly at Primary 7 level.

Typically “Scarfed for Life” is delivered at S2 or S3 stage as deemed to be the most appropriate year by the school staff on a school by school basis.

The schools involved also make the decision as to where the resource should be taught as the play is delivered in many subjects across the curriculum. PSHE, Drama, English and Social Studies in most instances.

Whitehill Secondary has taken a unique complimentary learning approach however. As well as being read and the issues discussed and debated in PSHE it is taught as a Scottish play in Drama.

This two pronged approach allows the young people involved to gain a greater understanding of the issues arising around sectarianism and a deeper understanding also of the impacts these have on the characters in the play.

To date a very successful method of working.

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