Wednesday, August 29th 2018

New route to be imposed on Orange Order walk in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council will impose a new route for an Orange Order parade after the Orange Order refused to re-route their parade which passes St Alphonsus’ Church in Calton, where a priest was allegedly attacked on a previous march.

A council spokesperson said: “Glasgow City Council has been unable to reach agreement with Orange and Purple District 37 on a procession due to take place this Saturday.

“This procession had previously been due to take place on July 21, but was postponed following the incident outside St Alphonsus’ Church on July 7. Officers asked the organiser to change their proposed route to take the procession away from St Alphonsus’ church, due to community concerns and police advice regarding the potential for disorder, but this request was refused."

“As a result, a meeting of the Public Processions Committee has been called to rule on the proposed march. A report by officials recommends that members re-route the procession away from St Alphonsus.”

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