Thursday, July 26th 2018

Hate Crime Incident Against Priest in Glasgow

Police Scotland are investigating a hate crime against Canon Tom White of St Alphonsus Church in Glasgow and parishioners. The incident took place as an Orange Walk was going past the church, earlier this month.

Canon Tom White alleges he was spat on twice and called “Fenian scum”, a “beast”, and a “paedophile” before a man lunged at him with a baton.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland denies involvement from its members and denounced the actions of those who committed the attack as bigoted. Police Scotland are investigating the incident further.

Superintendent John McBride said: “We will not tolerate any form of hate crime and behaving in such a way is contemptible. I would like to assure everyone that those who choose to react in a sectarian or religiously motivated matter will be identified and dealt with under the law. The public can be assured we remain committed to ridding our country of hate crime and the bigots within it who think they won’t be held to account for their actions. I can tell you they will".

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