Thursday, August 16th 2018

Graffiti at Parkhead and Ibrox Takes Aim at Sectarianism

The image shows the Pope wearing a Rangers scarf and the Queen wearing a Celtic scarf whilst playing football. The pictures were shared on social media by The Pink Bear Rebel, known in Scotland for his politically charged views. 
He said: “The bears comment on the division and potential unity within Scottish football and within Scotland as a whole.”
Nil By Mouth praised the artwork for working to change people’s outlook. Dave Scott said: “This is quite a satirical piece of graffiti that wants to challenge the assumptions of many of those who will see it.
“The city has seen a rise in sectarian graffiti in recent months, and we’ve been putting the case for creating more positive pieces of artwork, challenging sectarianism to show Glasgow is bigger, better and bolder than bigotry. Obviously, that’s something the artist involved supports.”
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