The Community Safety team within VAF is delighted to announce that the  ‘Guide to understanding the impact of work to tackle intra-Christian Sectarianism’ is now available to download.  This was officially launched at Deaf Connections on Thursday 9th January 2014 in Glasgow.  The purpose of this Guide is to:

  • Support projects funded by the Scottish Government to gather consistent and convincing evidence on their contribution to the overall aims of the Scottish Government’s Community Safety Unit Tackling Sectarianism Grants Programme;

  • Ensure the Scottish Government and Voluntary Action Fund are better able to understand the overall impact of this funding programme; and

  • Identify key learning about what intra-Christian sectarianism is, how it is understood across Scotland and what works in tackling it.

The aim of the Guide is to provide everyone with the opportunity to evaluate their projects, and gather and share valuable learning across the Programme. Ultimately, we all need to better understand the complex reality of sectarian attitudes and behaviour, and how this impacts on people’s lives in Scotland today.

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