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In September we will be focussing on the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC) and promoting their work around Mainstreaming Anti-Sectarianism in Equalities. You can access each of their resources here below.

1. The Mainstreaming Anti-Sectarianism (MAS) in Equalities toolkit can be accessed here: 

2. Mainstreaming Anti-Sectarianism (MAS) into wider equalities policy and delivery: 8 myth busters

3. Critical thinking cards.

These are for students and employees in order to help them become more critical about their own and the views of others. 

4. Sectarianism Poster

This is a A SCIP analysis that shows the context where sectarian attitudes and behaviours emerge and are maintained. The issues mentioned are not necessarily bad or illegal but are issues that may contribute to sectarian attitudes and behaviours and therefore they may require to be changed, be more openly discussed, explained. 

5. Allport Scale of Prejudice which measures of the manifestation of prejudice in society 

6. Interactive Activity - Lupita's Story

Pick an image that could illustrate Lupita‚Äôs story and tell us why. All submissions will receive a complimentary copy of the book from which the images were taken. This is a joint project tackling sectarianism between WSREC and Open Aye Participatory Photography. 

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