The Colours of our Scarves - Fair Play Foundation

Coach Education Programme

 We currently deliver to all sport related students in the following educational institutions.

The workshops primarily focus around three key pillars

  1. Roles and responsibilities - What are the roles and responsibilities both legal and ethical of a sports deliverer or sports organisers.
  2. Actions and consequences – What are the potential pit falls and cases of precedence around prejudice that can be highlighted to better enable students to make positive decisions in their future careers
  3. Perceptions and Realities – Students are presented with the most accurate and detailed breakdown of current statistical level of hate behaviour incidents in Scottish society to understand the context of the prevalence in Scotland

These workshops take place in:

  • Forth Valley College
  • West Lothian College
  • Glasgow Clyde College
  • West College Scotland (3 campuses)
  • South Lanarkshire College
  • Ayrshire College (3 campuses)
  • New College Lanarkshire
  • Dumfries and Galloway College
  • Fife College

This is around 1,500 next generation of coaches, personal trainers, development officers.

*In three colleges we have also been asked to deliver to the students studying on the uniformed services courses also.

Here is a video about the work the students at Forth Valley have done with Colours of our Scarves:

Promoting messages of tolerance and acceptance of all

Schools of Football Programme

Over the period of the funding cycle the Colours of our Scarves project will visit all 39 SFA Schools of Football to work with all squads at all age groups to deliver workshops focused around (as stated above the three pillars) this is amended to ensure that the focus for the players is centred around  giving the young athletes an opportunity for self-reflection in relation to their pre-existing behavioural patterns and an opportunity to discuss and consider what comprises of a good role model, team mates, leader, student and which associated behaviour traits are inextricably linked to prejudice and its manifestations.

Equality Through Sports Events Programme

The equality events programme will partner a select number of groups in different regions across Scotland to assist in the delivery of localised community events. The events themselves will be planned and delivered by these groups with the support of the project throughout planning and delivery to help tackle a form of prejudice they deem to be relevant and pertinent to those local with the understanding of their own communities to utilise sport as the conduit to address forms of prejudice.

Club Education Programme

An exciting new dimension to the programme is the introduction of our workshops for community clubs. Already we have received numerous enquires from sports clubs with relation to inservice training for the staff and volunteers. One example of this was a series of workshops delivered for Spartans FC. The Colours of our Scarves project has twice visited the spartans academy in the last few months to both delvier educational workshops for the full time staff and secondly to deliver a bespoke workshops to the clubs volunteers and part time staff.

Colours of our Scarves is a Scottish Government funded project run by Supporters Direct Scotland tackling sectarianism and inequality in sport throughout Scotland.Since 2013, Colours of our Scarves has covered a large area of Scottish football and worked with a number of stakeholders within the game to make it better for everyone. You can see a back catalogue of Colours of our Scarves work.

Now in it’s 5th year, Colours of our Scarves works with key stakeholders within Scottish sport to provide athletes, coaches, organisers and volunteers with a support mechanism, an educational tool and an opportunity for self-reflection and development with a focus on community impact and improving the learning and developmental environment for everyone involved.

With continued funding in 2017-18, Supporters Direct Scotland will work in two main strands.In partnership with the Scottish FA, Colours of our Scarves will build on work conducted with Braidhurst High School School of Football over the last two years. With this, the offer of a 2-hour delivery workshop for the players and coaches will be extended to the remaining 27 Schools of Football across Scotland. Colours of our Scarves also works with educational institutions and students to deliver Equality Sport Festivals within communities, promoting messages of tolerance and acceptance of all.

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