In March 2015, the Mixing The Colours project published its anthology of women’s writing - creative writing gathered in the course of project workshops and as part of the Glasgow Women's Library Dragon’s Pen Writing Competition. The anthology also features specially commissioned works by Magi Gibson, Denise Mina and Eleanor Thom.

Participants in the Mixing The Colours project have said that the key way in which women could address sectarianism is by participating in workshops and writing about their experiences.

Much of the work in this publication recounts the memories of childhood and young adulthood. It conveys the words of parents, warnings about how to behave at Orange Order parades, and reflects on the feelings and challenges they experienced as children.

Mixing The Colours: Women Speaking About Sectarianism is a tangible object of women’s collective action. The look and feel is something special; the beautiful result of the project and the women who participated that gives weight and importance to their words and experiences. It is a starting point for the future, a seminal anthology of the legacy of sectarianism.

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