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Where a hate crime or sectarian incident occurs, it is essential that any victim, witness or other party has the confidence to report the matter.

One such way to report Hate Crime is via a 3rd Party Reporting Centre, the availability of which is intended to increase victims’ confidence to report Hate Crime incidents and also to raise awareness in the community of the importance of reporting such matters.

Every report of Hate Crime assists Police Scotland in tackling this important issue by providing information about areas of concern and patterns of behaviour which can be identified and can ultimately lead to the detection and prosecution of offenders. Police Scotland is committed to providing a professional and consistent approach to victims of Hate Crime, treating everyone equally with due regard to their differences.

3rd Party Reporting offers victims or witnesses of Hate Crime the opportunity to report incidents at a designated reporting centre out with a police environment.  The responsibility of a 3rd party reporting centre is to ensure that details of incidents reported from members of the public are passed to the Police to allow accurate recording of hate crime and further enquiry, where appropriate.

There are more than 300 designated reporting centres, which can be any type of community resource, ranging from local Housing Offices to voluntary groups, where trained members of staff can support the victim or witness, take the report in confidence and forward the information to the police for enquiry.

To find your local Third Party Reporting centre click on the button below;

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