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Sectarianism can affect anyone and everyone. 88% of people in Scotland believe that sectarianism is a problem in Scotland and 14% of those asked said

they had experienced it personally. But how many people actually report sectarian experiences?

Some of our blogs talk about people’s individual experiences of sectarianism and can be read here:

link to blog page.

Victim Support Advice

Victim Support Advice

When you are attacked or insulted because of your religion, it is a crime.  Whether the crime is reported to the police or not, you might feel upset, frightened or confused by what has happened. It’s normal to feel like that.

Victim Support Scotland can help you to talk about how you’re feeling and explain what happens if the police and courts are involved in investigating the crime against you.  If you do need to go to court to tell your story, we can even help you in court.

If you would like to talk to someone, phone 0845 693 9123.  We can chat on the phone or come to see you at your house or school; whatever you like.  Our services are free of charge and are confidential.  That means that we won’t make you tell anyone you don’t want to about what has happened, and we won’t tell anyone either unless we have real concerns for your safety.

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