Youth Scotland is the network of youth clubs and groups across Scotland. It is the largest non-uniformed youth organisation in Scotland and delivers quality youth work programmes, information, resources, training and support to community based youth work across Scotland.

Youth Scotland, as part of a partnership of six national volunteer-led youth organisations (Scottish Council - The Scout Association, Girlguiding Scotland, Boys Brigade, The Girls’ Brigade in Scotland, Clubs for Young People Scotland and Youth Scotland) was funded to support the Scottish Government to develop a community-based approach to tackling sectarianism.


Sectarianism is complex and multi-layered. Within the context of the Stand Up to Sectarianism project, it is seen as firmly anchored within a framework of equalities, tolerance, and social justice.

 “We consider anti-sectarianism to be part of our respect agenda. Along with tackling bullying and racism it’s come up as a topic. It’s not just a football problem, it’s not just a west of Scotland problem and it’s not just a male problem. Statistics show that it’s on the rise and we want to raise awareness amongst young people who may not be aware of the law and who may be putting themselves at risk.”

Michelle Meehan
Training & Communications Manager 
Youth Scotland

Definition of Sectarianism: 

Sectarianism is an action carried out on the grounds of membership of a sect, denomination, or other group.

Sectarianism occurs when members of different denominations within a faith display bigotry and prejudice toward each other. Examples include the Sunni and Shia within Islam, Orthodox and Reform within Judaism or Protestants and Catholics within Christianity. However, Sectarian behaviour and attitudes in Scotland are often demonstrated by, and suffered by, people of no faith. It can be a matter of personal identity rather than faith.

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