Challenging the existing attitudes, behaviour and assumptions which contribute to bigotry, sectarianism and division within society.

Sense Over Sectarianism is a partnership with funding from the Scottish Executive to give grants to individuals and community groups setting up projects that challenge sectarianism and bigotry.

Sense over Sectarianism has been set up to challenge sectarianism in the wider Glasgow area by promoting positive social integration, by encouraging inter-cultural understanding and by creating examples of good practice.

SoS partners:

  • Glasgow City Council
  • Nil By Mouth
  • Celtic FC
  • Rangers FC
  • The Glasgow Presbytery of the Church of Scotland
  • The Roman Catholic Archdiocese


The aim of SOS is to enable individuals or organisations to challenge the existing attitudes, behaviour and assumptions that contribute to bigotry, sectarianism and division within society. SOS will focus on existing sectarian tensions and bigotry in general which create social and other barriers between people of different faiths. It will make individuals aware of their role through language, actions and behaviour in determining the shape their society takes. It will empower individuals.

Definition of Sectarianism:


Community Case Studies

Communities United

SOS Drama Resource - Curriculum for Excellence

SOS DIVIDED CITY PROJECT – report by Celine McKinlay

Small Grants projects:

Bauer Academy Podcasts

Judge for Yourself video

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