After the successful delivery to the entire S2 year group in term four of the 2015-2016 academic year at Bannerman High School, Sense over Sectarianism were invited back to deliver the lesson pack written to support the drama Scarfed for Life to this year’s S2 cohort.

SOS Development Officer Mark Adams and SOS sessional staff member Iain Hunter worked together to “team teach” the resources with the PHSE delivery school staff in a collaborative fashion which enabled every class to be involved in such a large school. Team teaching is vital to the sustainability of this issue based education.

As a result of the successful implementation and delivery in term 4 last year not only were SOS invited back to school in term 2 this year to deliver Scarfed for Life but also to deliver the S5/S6 SOS offering entitled “Employment, Social Media & Sectarianism”.

Sheila Heeney head of pastoral Care for S5 said “having been part of the delivery team, working with SOS staff in both my last school at Springburn High and here at Bannerman I was very keen to have the S5 Employability modules delivered here at Bannerman having seen the engagement and success at first hand”.

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