For several years Sense over Sectarianism has worked in partnership with the Citizens Theatre education department over a number of projects. In recent years as well as working closely on the production of the Scarfed for Life text and resource pack SOS have supported the government funded Citizens Theatre project around the Divided City Drama production.

This year the Citz is delivering the Divided City drama project in the West Dunbartonshire local authority area. As part of this programme of work, SOS Development Officer Mark Adams delivered teacher CPD training based around the offerings available for anti-sectarian work across the school network and across the curriculum.

In particular the training covered the delivery of the extensive resources that SOS have developed over recent years for the novel Study “The Divided City”. These resources include a literacy pack, a drama pack and additional work sheets on various themes closely related to the topic.

As a result of this training provided by SOS and the drama project delivered by the Citizens Theatre staff primary schools across the West Dunbartonshire network have requested additional support in the form of additional resources and directly delivered workshops.

Martin Travers of the Citizens Theatre said “the ongoing partnership between ourselves and the SOS team has been complimentary and valuable. An understanding of the strengths of each other’s work has led to continuous growth and reach for our projects”.

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