The Herald have reported that anti-sectarian charity, Nil By Mouth, have criticised the Orange Order after their denial of having any part in the singing of a sectarian song during their march on Saturday.

David Scott, campaign director for Nil by Mouth, said that the organisations should educate its members on what is and isn't acceptable behaviour after a video showing a crowd singing the 'Famine Song' emerged online. 

The song is usually sung to the tune of the Beach Boys track Sloop John B, and has previously be ruled as racist in a Scottish court.

The Orange Order have argued that the band were simply played the tune of the Beach Boys track and took no part in singing the alternative lyrics. Mr Scott, however, said: 

"If they [The Orange Order] are a religious and cultural organisation, what would be the relevance of a Beach Boys song?

"We know that tune also has another certain set of lyrics. The organisers should be speaking to band members and saying what is acceptable."

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