Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

Bridges and Barriers at NKSDG

The new school term has started and the successful North Kelvin Sports Development Group's anti-sectarian Bridges & Barriers is back.

The Summer Holiday Camps had lunchtime workshops with Project Coordinator Iain Hunter focusing on a different theme each day. The themes were: Respect; Identity; Bullying; Prejudice & Discrimination; and You & Your Community. (See pictures attached)

Newly appointed Project Officer Andrew Westcott now joins the organisation with Iain Hunter continuing as Project Coordinator and Mark S Adams continues his great work with Sense Over Sectarianism as Development Officer. Andrew will be overseeing the planning and delivery of North Kelvin Sports' successful community projects. He will be taking over the good work being done by the Bridges and Barriers anti-sectarian project in partnership with Glasgow Primary Schools as it moves into its 4th year. The organisation is very fortunate to have Andrew who joins us with over 20 years of experience delivering community work and grassroots football. Andrew is a Scottish FA C Licence coach with an Honours Degree in Sports Studies. In the last few years, Andrew has been instrumental in establishing Walking Football, Employability, Football Fans in Training and Football Memories projects for various organisations. (See picture attached)

The Bridges & Barriers programme focusses on Educational Workshops for Primary 7 pupils. School partnerships of non-denominational and denominational schools that are nearby each other are the hallmark of the Bridges & Barriers programme. The workshops tackle sectarianism by looking at the bigotry, discrimination and prejudice.

The new term block of 7-week sessions begins now with St Charles & Dunard; Caldercuilt & St Blanes; St Cuthbert’s & Highpark; and Parkview & St Mary’s.

The Bridges & Barriers programme is now going city wide in Glasgow and is actively seeking primary schools close by each other to join in partnership. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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