A review of the progress that has been made in the implementation of the recommendations of the independent Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland, and to provide Scottish Ministers with a report highlighting both progress and good practice and areas where further work is required.

Specifically to:

  • Obtain updates from all of the organisations and sectors which were identified in the Advisory Group’s report as needing to take action to tackle sectarianism in Scotland.
  • Highlight good practice and identify examples of good leadership which have been shown in relation to advancing the recommendations made by the Advisory Group.
  • If time allows, look at examples of good practice and good leadership which are outwith the scope of the Advisory Group recommendations.
  • Identify areas where progress and leadership are lacking and where sectarianism has been allowed to go unchallenged.
  • Highlight what further action is required to tackle sectarianism in Scotland and who is best placed to deliver this.

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