Nae Excuse Resource Pack

Nae Excuse Resource Pack
09 June 2016
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What is this?

​Parkhead Youth Project has worked with young people age 8-18 years to raise awareness of sectarianism, prejudice, bigotry and discrimination since receiving funding from the Scottish Government in 2013.

This resource has been tried and tested with participants involved in the ‘Nae Excuse’ Peer Education programme within the North East of Glasgow.

The key message for young people is that sectarianism is a choice. It isn't something you inherit because of where your family comes from or which football team you support.

This resource was developed by very experienced youth workers in an engaging environment where young people were also involved in its development.

Who is this for?

​Youth groups and CLD workers.

​Explore this resource

It is recommended that staff read Tackling sectarianism: An overview of resources and use the Timeline professional learning resource as preparation for delivering this anti-sectarian resource.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This resource describes a number of activities which offer imaginative and fun ways to explore sectarianism in a youth work setting. The resource includes:

  • Warm up games;
  • Defining sectarianism;
  • Games to raise awareness of sectarianism;
  • The history of sectarianism;
  • The law in relation to sectarianism.

Improvement questions

  • How does this work link  with the  range of protected characteristics that are defined by the Equality Act (2010)?
  • To what extent do our community members understand the concept of sectarianism?
  • Do we offer our community members the opportunity to explore their own life experiences in relation to sectarianism?
  • How far as a community do we challenge bigotry prejudice and  discrimination towards members, or presumed members, of a religious denomination?

Content author

Parkhead Youth Project, 132-134 Westmuir Street, Parkhead, Glasgow. G31 5BW

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