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The young people of Parkhead Youth Project have worked together to create this page about the Nae Excuse for Sectarian Abuse Project.

At Parkhead Youth Project awareness of sectarianism in Parkhead is raised with the activities that take place in the Nae Excuse Project. The drama group, football group and peer education work tackles sectarianism head on. Read more about it on the following pages.

 Sectarianism in Parkhead:

  • flags 
  • colours
  • football violence
  • bars
  • football topsPYP CorrectedSpelling
  • marches

 To the young people at Parkhead Youth Project sectarianism is things like:

Discrimination - treating people differently because of their religion and beliefs.

Bigotry - one who is intolerant about races, religions and beliefs other than their own.

Prejudice - one judging another because of what they lok like, what they believe and more.  

The Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland came up with a definition which you can read here 

Here are some examples of the participants definitions:

  • “Sectarianism: intolerance of religion between Protestants, Catholics and football clubs. Due to upbringing, lack of education and knowledge”
  • “Sectarianism comes from things deeper than violence and religion. We think the basis of it is brought though generations of families.”
  • “Discrimination against a group of people for having different beliefs from yours. They believe they can’t be wrong.”
  • “Sectarianism is a variety of different things. It can be caused by football, religion and upbringing.”


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