Young People

Learn more about the problems and we face and how we can work together to help tackle sectarianism

MissionThe Mission of CSREC is to eliminate discrimination and harassment from Central Scotland, so that everyone has an equal chance to learn, work and live free from prejudice and fear of harassment and violence.VisionThe Vision of CSREC is that everyone in Central

Scotland will enjoy equal opportunities in all aspects of their lives.ValuesThe work of CSREC is governed by the following values:-- To avoid discrimination on any grounds by offering its services and facilities to as wide a range of people on need as possible to ensure that their views are fully represented; -

To place the primary focus on the well-being and aspirations of all people with whom it works, respecting their individuality, humanity and right to justice and privacy; - To promote their self-reliance so that they may fully participate in decisions which affect them; -

In all its dealings to be honest and truthful, to allow full access to information and to ensure that its processes are transparent; - To work in partnership with any individual or organisation operating in the same field sharing the same aims and values.

Tackling Sectarianism

Watch our Talking Heads - a collection of video interviews real people, expressing their real views.