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There are four channels - three public and one private - for those taking action against sectarianism.

The first channel is aimed at children, aged 8 to 12, and its features include:

  • online and offline activities in the interactive zone that can be done alone or with friends or family. Teachers and youth workers can also use these activities to help their classes or groups learn about what sectarianism is and why it is important for everyone to be treated equally.
  • Scotland’s history of sectarianism explored using information on flags, songs, and football clubs.
  • The opportunity for children to see what their peers think and tell their own stories.

The second channel, for young people aged 13 to 18, has a similar layout, and includes areas where:

  • they can explore their own views and decide what they want to find out about.
  • they can find the answer to ‘What is Sectarianism?’, see what others think and add their opinion.
  • see other young people’s experiences of sectarianism and tell their own stories in the Talking Heads interactive zone.
  • they can find out about the history of sectarianism, what the law says about it, what’s been happening in the news today and see what people are doing to challenge sectarianism in Scotland.

The adults channel has more detailed information on what sectarianism is all about with:

  • up-to-date news, journal articles and books, all available to download.
  • information about how sectarianism is not confined to Scotland and the debate on how, and to what extent, Scotland is affected by it.
  • the opportunity to get involved in working out what sectarianism is, adding their voice to the mix.
  • the chance for parents and carers to have a go at some of the activities, and browse the resources so that they can support and advise their children.
  • information about where to get help for victims of sectarianism.

The fourth channel – the AoS Network - is for anyone who wants to take things a bit further and work with others in their community to do something about sectarianism.

In the AoS network channel visitors can:

  • join a discussion.
  • develop ideas in the Scribblers’ Den.
  • share educational and other resources.
  • get access to key contacts.
  • or set up their own local or interest-based group.
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Watch our Talking Heads - a collection of video interviews real people, expressing their real views.